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We are updating the site with information about the 2017 Festival. As a 100% volunteer run non-profit sometimes things take a little longer. We appreciate your understanding while we work on the website.

Our Favorite Bacon(y) Beers

Our Favorite Bacon(y) Beers

So we’re holding the NH Bacon & Beer Festival on May 21st, maybe you’ve heard about it? Well perhaps you realized that we (the organizers) like our bacon, and we like our beer, but what about bacon in beer or smoked beer with that bacony flavor? Yes, it’s true, we love the rauchbiers and we love the bacon-infused beers, too. Collected here we’ve listed a couple of our personal favorites. This is not a definitive list (such a thing does not exist, especially with the subjectivity of taste). The beers listed here are some of those that we like that demonstrate a bacony quality, but there are plenty of beers we haven’t had yet, or which we simply forgot to list here. Perhaps you’ve had one? Great! Let us know in the comments!


Belly of the Beast (Rockingham Brewing Company) 

We’re hosting a Bacon & Beer festival here in New Hampshire, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that we have tried (and tried again) Rockingham Brewing Company’s dark black monster. What we’re doubly excited about, however is the fact that Rockingham Brewing Company has confirmed that they’ll be on hand to pour samples of this inky monster for the crowds! Smoky, rich, and dare we say it, succulent! Belly of the Beast comes with a healthy dose of beast belly (read: bacon) and subtler notes of stouty grandeur, giving drinkers a rich, smooth, and bacon-filled sip with a little bit of coffee roast to spice up the palate. What is not to love? Alas, this beer is not okay for your vegan friends, as it most certainly has some bacon in it… but hey, that’s their loss. Belly of the Beast is delicious! We’ve even heard whispers of a variant of this beer going by the name of Maple Belly of the Beast… perhaps if we are lucky, the Good Beer Fairy will bring some to our festival? 😛 (hint, hint Rockingham Brewing Company…)


Smokin’ Rauchbier Smoked Ale (Great North Aleworks)

While a newer player to the NH beer scene, Great North Aleworks has been making waves with their RVP (Robust Vanilla Porter) and their dank, bitter IPA, and their third mainline offering, Smokin’, follows this trend as a damn fine American Rauchbier. Brewed with a top fermenting ale yeast, as opposed to a traditional lager strain, Smokin’ is an evolution of a recipe that head brewer and owner Rob North won the Sam Adams Patriot Homebrew Competition with back in 2010. This meaty sipper will please any rauch fan, and, as the good folk of Great North put it, the beer is “just shy of bacon in a glass.” We’re super excited that Great North Aleworks will be pouring at our event, and we can’t wait to see how the bacony grandeur of this beer will pair with actual bacon!

What’s your favorite bacon(y) beer? Tell us in the comments, tweet it @NHBaconBeer, or drop us a comment on FB.

Where is the festival going to held?

Fear not we have a location! After getting 30 emails today asking about where the event is being held, I realized that we had not updated the website when we released the news on Facebook.

NH Bacon & Beer Festival is going to be held at the Millyard Technology Park in Nashua, NH (easy access from the new Board Street Parkway). We are going to be outside along the river and plan to have a couple bands play. Tickets will on sale in March.

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This a 21+ event.

What is a Bacon & Beer Festival?

That answer will vary depending on which Bacon & Beer festival you ask… The NH Bacon & Beer Festival, however, is one day celebrating the greasy, fatty, savory goodness of bacon alongside the endless possibilities of flavors that have come to define well crafted beer. The festival will offer attendees the chance to sample delicious dishes of bacon prepared by area chefs and restaurants. These delectables will be paired alongside fresh local beers and the brewers. In a nut shell, the NH Bacon & Beer Festival looks to celebrate local chefs and local brewers alongside the glory that is bacon.

Are you a brewer, a chef, a pig farmer, a butcher, a publican, or a restaurateur that would like to get involved with the festival? Send us a message at!

To Benefit the High Hopes Foundation of NH

Organization Overview

The High Hopes Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc. is a volunteer-based, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, the foundation gets its energy from an 8-member Board of Directors, an ever-growing team of members, and its volunteers. Everyone is dedicated to making the dreams of New Hampshire’s seriously or chronically ill children become a reality.

The High Hopes Foundation creates mutually beneficial relationships with our donors, corporate sponsors, volunteers, and wish families. We strive to create a new approach to charitable giving, allowing you to give back to a worthy cause and help special needs children in New Hampshire while receiving advertising opportunities, creating referral partnerships, and receiving discounts to the best services and products New Hampshire businesses offer.

The High Hopes Foundation endeavors to:

  • Meet the needs of qualifying NH wish children
  • Strive for sustainable and quality growth
  • Establish enduring business-to-business relationships
  • Become a model of non-profit excellence

Our Story

Imagine the delight in granting a life-changing-experience to a child who lives with serious health problems. This is the mission of High Hopes Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc. For over 30 years, High Hopes Foundation has brought hope, joy, and light to hundreds of New Hampshire children with serious illnesses by providing them life-enriching experiences.

The High Hopes mission started in 1983. Two neighbors, Jacqueline Yinger and Dawn Cavanaugh, were inspired by the unselfish support and generosity of their community. Thanks to so many who cared, Jacque and Dawn took Jacque’s daughter Allison, a cancer patient, to Disney World to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Alison got to have fun like any other child. From that experience, these moms concluded that other children’s lives could be similarly enriched by the generosity of others. No other New Hampshire organizations were granting wishes like this at that time, and so from then on, Jacqueline and Dawn dedicated their lives to this calling.

Since its inception, High Hopes Foundation has granted over 550 experiences. These life-changing-experiences are as unique as the children who receive them. High Hopes Foundation sponsors numerous community-based fundraising activities throughout the year, and benefits from the generosity of local businesses and individuals. Fundraising events involve bowling, classic cars, family fairs, golfing, and more. High Hopes Foundation draws its energy from volunteers from all walks of life who love children and want to contribute time and talent to a worthy cause. You do not need to possess special talents, just a desire to help. High Hopes Foundation of NH invites everyone to be the difference in a child’s life.